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Fetty Wap Says Things Are ‘Different Now’ on New Song

If you somehow haven’t heard, Frank Ocean has finally released a new project after weeks of hype, false alarms, and carpentry exhibitions. That’s good news for music listeners, but not so much if you’re releasing music and not named Frank Ocean. Some other dude and Fetty Wap had that misfortune last night when he released “Different Now,” a single off his upcoming album.

In one of 2016’s biggest twists, “Different Now” is about how things are, in fact, different now. Fetty Wap reminisces about the “hand-me-down” days — when he was a Paterson, N.J. kid without a hit called “Trap Queen” — in his signature sing-song style. Vinylz and Frank Dukez handle the tropical production.

There’s no explanation as to why Fetty Wap has two pupils on the single art (one of his signature characteristics is that blank left eye) or when his sophomore album is supposed to drop. But things are different enough for him to become a reality television star. Fetty currently stars on VH1’s Love & Hip-Hop: Hollywoodwhich premiered its third season earlier this week. If you like Fetty Wap but dislike soap operas, listen to “Different Now” below.