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Watch Jimmy Kimmel Pretend to Be Surprised to Find Britney Spears in His Bed

How does Jimmy Kimmel sleep at night? Not great, one would imagine, when pop stars are constantly breaking into his house and waking him up. On last night’s Jimmy Kimmel Live!, Britney Spears and her team of shirtless male dancers crept into the host’s house and woke him with Spears’ latest single, “Make Me,” and a bunch of laser lights. It’s sort of sultry, and kinda awkward.

Just one problem: Rihanna already did the same prank this past April Fool’s Day, the only day “famous person waking up a famous person” truly qualifies as a prank. Britney’s “prank” is the Britney Spears: American Dream to Rihanna’s Kim Kardashian: Hollywood — which is to say that, hey, if you want to play it, it’s probably still fun. Watch below.