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Banks & Steelz Share Album Title Track, ‘Anything But Words’

Banks & Steelz — a.k.a. Wu-Tang’s RZA and Interpol’s Paul Banks — insist that they are a reputable musical duo who bring honor to both of their legacies via their new venture. If their latest song “Anything but Words” is any indication, fans may not feel similarly about the project.

Following up tracks “Love + War,” “Giant,” “Speedway Sonora,” and the Kool Keith-assisted “Sword in the Stone,” the title track to their upcoming collaborative album is a mid-tempo mope that has the two artists trading verses over cheap-sounding electronic drums and a womp-womp-ing keyboard. On top of that, the inane chorus intones, “I believe that someone can be brave on this green earth / But maybe I’m wrong / Aim for the sun.”

Yeah, yeah, and even if you miss, you’ll land among the stars. Listen below, and maybe look for their Anything But Words LP on August 26.


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