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A-­Trak, Jillionaire of Major Lazer, and AraabMuzik Highlight Four Loko’s Unforgettable After Party

It’s only fitting that one of Lollapalooza’s best after parties took place off the grid. The second night of the Four Loko After Party was a feast for the eyes and especially ears, as heavy­-hitters like A-­Trak, Jillionaire of Major Lazer, and AraabMuzik took to the stage to a packed crowd.

The fun started before guests even stepped inside of the beautiful Moonlight Studios event space. Hand­strewn lights hanging outside of the venue and above the action created a warm glow that set the scene for the rest of the party. Both inside and outside of the venue, guests could chow down on hand-size dishes like tacos and slices of pizza to keep fueled after a day of walking through the festival and during the three sets.

The first 200 guests to arrive to the party received a Live and Direct t­-shirt emblazoned with the images of Jillionaire and AraabMuzik. Created by popular Chicago streetwear brand and boutique Jugrnaut, the super­soft cotton t­-shirts were a special treat that guests could take away with them to commemorate the one-­of-­a-­kind evening.

Inside, a heady blend of EDM, techno, and trap blasted from speakers, turning the darkly­ lit space into the best nightclub in town. Guests could sip on specialty cocktails made with different Four Loko Spirits (unveiled for the first at time at the event) while checking out the scene. Attendees were the first to try Four Loko’s newest product line. The Lemon Drop Crazy Collins was a personal favorite and fellow guests at the party seemed to agree. It had the perfect balance of sweet and sour to make for a bright, refreshing and colorful cocktail that was just as colorful as the guests, performers, and artwork throughout the space.

CREDIT: Matt Marzahl // AraabMuzik at the Four Loko After Party

AraabMuzik kicked off the festivities with the heaviest of beats and the dirtiest of synths on stage. The DJ and producer never let up on his set, and thank goodness for that. A day in the hot sun after a music festival can feel particularly daunting. But AraabMuzik energized the crowd, with partygoers (myself included) waving poolside inflatables like pickles, donuts and emojis in the air, especially as the bass dropped. As the party filled up, Jillionaire took the stage to offer a groove-­heavy set that was slinky and chill. Full of slow burners and progressive, post­-dubstep elements, the set offered guests a chance to simultaneously cool down while still grinding on the dance floor.

Taking a break, guests could pose in front of a number of different art installations setting the tone for the event. My personal favorite was the projected floor-­to-­ceiling videos that displayed everything from cityscapes to skyscrapers. The videos had a dark, drippy effect that mimicked the energy of the city and the industrial, warehouse-­heavy area in which the event took place. It was a perfect background to take videos on Snapchat.

Another colorful graffiti­ covered piece served as a backdrop for group photos. Full of vibrant colors (think orange, pink, yellow and green), illustrated characters, and the words “Chi Town,” the backdrop was a perfect tribute to city. It’s no wonder that a line soon formed for guests to take photobooth­-like pictures on their smartphones. The line didn’t dissipate until the end of the night.

The night’s headliner, A­-Trak, continued to keep the party moving. An A-­Trak DJ set is special for his aversion to telling any particular story. This evening was no different. Blending everything from hip­-hop (the kind we often find him playing while touring with Kanye West) to trap to a surprising number of danceable numbers blending easily into the house or funk genres, A-­Trak’s set came to represent and define the weekend of parties as a whole. It was a weekend full of music, art, fashion, and fun to never forget.

Jillionaire of Major Lazer
CREDIT: Matt Marzahl // Jillionaire of Major Lazer At The Four Loko After Party
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