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The National’s Matt Berninger Likens Donald Trump to Ronald McDonald

"Donald Trump is like the hanger that’s pulling out that wad of ugliness"

The National spent their weekend at U.K.’s Latitude Festival, where baritone frontman Matt Berninger got a chance to call out presidential candidate Donald Trump for his bigotry. The singer did so during a lengthy interview with BBC Radio 5 Live’s Pienaar’s Politics.

“It’s like president Ronald McDonald or something,” Berninger said. “Except that Ronald McDonald wasn’t quite as much of a bigot. I find it terrifying the number of people that will go ahead and get on board with someone after some of the things he’s said.” He also believed that Donald Trump was “the hanger that’s pulling out that wad of ugliness.”

Multi-instrumentalist bandmate Aaron Dessner chimed in and said the band is supporting Hillary Clinton: “There were some of us that were very big Bernie supporters, but now we are all migrating to support Hillary, and frankly I like Hillary a lot, too.”

Listen to the National talk politics and how Barack Obama confused them with the baseball team, the Nationals, here. The conversation starts at the 1:10:00 mark.

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