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Kathleen Hanna Does Julie Ruin Karaoke in New ‘I’m Done’ Video

Kathleen Hanna, taker of absolutely no bulls**t, begins the Julie Ruin‘s new video for “I’m Done” by walking out on an interview. From there, she dons a custom “I’m Done” jacket and heads in to sing karaoke to her own song. Director (and noted contemporary artist) Laura Parnes also indulges the song’s goofier impulses, with CGI bubbles, colorful mushrooms, and multiple iterations of Hanna appearing at once. The clip debuted today at Rookie alongside an interview with Hanna.

The Julie Ruin’s Hit Reset is our Album of the Week. It’s officially out tomorrow, but currently still streaming on NPR. Watch “I’m Done” below, and revisit the recent SPIN Interview with the singular Hanna.