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The Best Headphones You’ve Probably Never Heard Of

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Grado Labs was founded in 1953 by Joseph Grado (a watchmaker turned high-fidelity audio expert) and three generations later, the company is still family owned and operated and their commitment to producing a superior product remains unchanged. For decades, Grado Labs has been crafting high-quality headphones featuring an “open-back” construction, which allows for sound to exit through the perforated ear cups, creating a more acoustic, natural tone. The SR80e model from the Prestige Series is a pair of headphones that was created in attempts to bring incredible portable sound to the average consumer for a great price. The leather-wrapped headband and thick ear cups give these headphones a retro appeal, but it isn’t their external appearance that makes them so remarkable.

The SR80e headphones articulate deep bass and crisp mids and highs even at low volumes and performs better than headphones costing hundreds of dollars more. They are still handmade in Grado Lab’s Brooklyn factory and are scrupulously inspected before being shipped out of the workshop. The headphones are extremely lightweight and the ear cups are washable so you can keep them fresh during sweaty summer commutes.

Stylish headphones with a designer appeal are great for today, but quality sound is truly timeless.


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