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Strange Relations’ ‘Going Out’ Is a Great Reason to Stay in Today

Minneapolis trio Strange Relations certainly don’t sound like your classic Twin Cities indie idols, eschewing the shredded-heart urgency of Hüsker Dü and the Replacements to make the kind of rock you’d normally take sub-zero solace in: intricate, intimate, and strangely comforting. New EP Going Out feels ironically titled for this reason: the set’s four tracks are hardly anti-social, but the Cocteaus guitar haze and patiently boogieing drum machine of the gorgeous single “Ceremonies” more suggests a subdued evening of board games than a committed night of club-hopping.

Tellingly, the mini-album’s Radiohead-taut closer is entitled “Weeknites”: These are thrills one can comfortably enjoy without sleeping through their alarm clock the next morning. Not the stuff of Pitbull songs, perhaps, but with undeniable charms entirely its own. Listen here, and pre-order the EP for when it arrives on Tiny Engines this Friday, July 8.