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The National Take St. Vincent for a Twirl on Live ‘Prom Song 13th Century’ Performance

Kindred spirits of NPR-leaning indie, it seems only right that the National and St. Vincent should publicly join forces every couple of years. Their most recent joint venture came last night at the Greek Theater in Los Angeles, where Annie Clark took the stage to duet with National frontman Matt Berninger on a new song entitled “Prom Song 13th Century (Frankie & Johnny)” (h/t Pitchfork).

The song is a lovely ballad, almost in the vein of early-’60s doo-wop or teen-idol pop, with a refrain of “I’m gonna keep you in love with me for a while.” Clark and Berninger capped their performance with a brief slow dance, ending with the former attempting to spin the latter, before realizing (and later admitting to the crowd), “I don’t know how to spin somebody.” Watch the performance here.