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Ladyhawke Hits the Roller Rink in ‘Wild Things’ Video

Synth-pop linchpin Pip Brown, a.k.a. Ladyhawke, has just adorned the title track off of this year’s Wild Things with an athletic new video. Directed by Youth Hymns, the clip features Brown performing at a roller rink while two derby teams — the Wild Things and the Flames — compete.

“This was like a sort of an attempt of a more ballad-y song I guess, but without being a traditional ballad,” Brown told Stereogum. “More like a dreamy nostalgic love song about reminiscing on your wayward youth, or you know, thinking about all the exciting time you had in your youth, and finding someone and being able to dance around the fire with them literally.”

Watch below, and read our interview with the Ladyhawke herself.