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Stream ‘Scum With Boundaries,’ a New Album by Death Grips Side Project The i.l.y’s

The i.l.y’s, a side project of Death Grips members Zach Hill and Andy Morin, released a new album last night. Scum With Boundaries is the follow-up to last year’s I’ve always been good at true love, which was similarly dropped late at night and available for free online. (At the time, the identity of the i.l.y’s was not yet public.)

Death Grips’ excellent recent album, Bottomless Pit, just arrived in May. Musically, the i.l.y’s are within striking distance of lo-fi experimental pop, but the Grips’ nervous, outburst-prone energy and dense compositions are still evident. Stream Scum With Boundaries below, via Death Grips’ SoundCloud, or, alternatively, on YouTube.