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A.G. Cook’s ‘Superstar’ Will Get You Up, Up, Up

PC Music founder and DJ A.G. Cook has released a neon sugar rush of a new single called “Superstar.” Featuring himself on vocals, “Superstar” kicks off with calm piano chords but soon culminates with a series of screechy, pitchy synths before settling back down again. “Superstar” is also likely meant to build hype for POP CITY, an upcoming RBMA Radio pop-up event in Los Angeles happening on July 20 and featuring A. G. Cook, Danny L Harle, GFOTY, Hannah Diamond, and QT. 

“Originally started working on Superstar over 2 years ago as a topline pitch for Zedd,” Cook wrote on Twitter. “Sang the demo myself, nooo idea why it got rejected :P”

Listen to “Superstar” below.