Y La Bamba’s ‘Ostrich’ Takes on Heritage and Growth – But Not Flight

Ostriches might be flightless, but Mexifolk group  Y La Bamba‘s new track “Ostrich” is a soaring balance of tradition and evolution. The first single from their upcoming album, Ojos Del Sol, the song is an upbeat acoustic guitar track under beautiful three-part harmonies about how the experiences we have, both good and bad, help us to grow into the people we are — past creating present.

“So I could love the way I can,” belts out frontwoman Luz Elena Mendoza, at the end of two verses. The singer-songwriter best finds her footing in music grounded in metamorphosis, relayed to the world through the guise of tradition folk-rock. The song’s closing lines are a perfect summary of this sentiment of growth: “We are Cain / We are Abel / A memory / And I know you better.”

Listen to “Ostrich” below and look out for  Ojos Del Sol September 2.


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