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Thurston Moore Put Bernie Sanders on a Song

Thurston Moore and Bernie Sanders' Feel It in Your Guts

Former Sonic Youth frontman Thurston Moore has released a new track called “Feel It in Your Guts,” which features none other than Democratic presidential hopeful Bernie Sanders on it. To be clear, this means that Sanders’ campaign worked with Moore and authorized the use of various recordings of Sanders’ campaign speeches to be layered over his own 12-string acoustic guitar work.

You can download the track for free from this site, though the rub is that you’ve got to upload a screenshot of proof that you donated to Sanders’ campaign in order to obtain it. The suggested donation is $27. Also, the first 1,000 people to make a new donation will get a free limited-edition flexi-disc of the song with screen-printed artwork. The best part of all is the tiny-print disclaimer at the bottom:

“NOTE: there is no donation minimum, but we reserve the right to cancel your order if we feel like you’re being an opportunistic dick. Dig deep. Feel it in your guts.”