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Greet Summer Properly With Martin Solveig and Tkay Maidza’s New ‘Do It Right’ Video

The best electronic producers carve out distinct sounds, the types of shiny melodies and angular drops that make them instantly recognizable to the ear. French future house DJ Martin Solveig happens to fall squarely in that camp; his songs sound of the same family, but never hew too close to their predecessors in the process.

That brings us to the horn-blasting “Do It Right,” a collaboration with Australian rapper Tkay Maidza that busts open the doors from spring to summer with steel drums and clanking cowbells in tow. Sonically, it’s very much a cousin to Solveig’s 2015 mini-hit with GTA, the woozy “Intoxicated,” but “Do It Right” — for which there’s now a glossy, multicolored video directed by Monsieur L’Agent and starring Solveig and Maidza — elevates the stakes significantly. Watch below and get your summer started right.