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Liam Gallagher Apologizes for Homophobic Tweet Aimed at Russian Soccer Fans

XXXXXXXXXX performs live for fans at the 2014 Big Day Out Festival on January 26, 2014 in Sydney, Australia.

The latest Gallagher-related mishap comes from younger brother Liam. On Wednesday, the former Oasis member sent out a since-deleted homophobic tweet referring to the violence between England and Russia’s fanbases following their Euro 2016 soccer match.

“Russian hooligans skintight shorts bumbags batty boy muscles ha ha I’d be more worried bout getting me arse pinched. LG.,” said the tweet. “Batty boy” is a homophobic slur originating from the Caribbean. The tweet is especially troubling since it comes after the Orlando shooting that left 49 people dead.

Gallagher tweeted an apology this morning following the resulting Twitter outrage (RKID refers to Noel).