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Justin Vernon and Vince Staples Livened Up James Blake’s Glastonbury Set

James Blake had two surprises in store for attendees at England’s Glastonbury Festival this weekend: “I Need a Forest Fire” collaborator Justin Vernon and Long Beach, California rapper Vince Staples. Blake and Vernon of course performed “I Need a Forest Fire,” but Staples brought fresh energy to “Timeless,” another track from Blake’s recent, somewhat stultifying album The Colour in Anything.

The album cut of “Timeless” lacked lyrics (besides Blake moaning the title a few times), but the Glastonbury version gives the song new urgency as an intense, spiraling backdrop to Staples’ stream-of-consciousness rhymes. We remain convinced there’s nothing a little Vince Staples can’t improve, no matter how insipid the original. And stay tuned for more: Staples’ upcoming EP, Prima Donna, features production from Blake.

Watch footage of Blake performing with Vernon and Staples below via Stereogum (the “Timeless” audio begins around the :20 mark).