Gap Dream’s ‘College Music’ Is an Indie Luddite Anthem

The first single off Gabe Fulvimar’s third LP can perhaps best be explained by the fact that the artist literally lives (and also records music) in a vinyl warehouse in Fullerton, CA. Fulvimar is not only a music connoisseur, but apparently a luddite, clinging with white knuckles to the crumbling days of music as a tangible art. “College Music” demonstrates just how earnestly Gap Dream honors the good ol’ days. He slams overachieving technology in a way that is both easygoing and acrid: “Too many soft machines / No relation to the world / Unnecessary wall,” complains a frustrated Fulvimar over a singular fuzzy guitar and basic drum beat. “It makes me sick sometimes.”

He sing-speaks in sporadic fragments like these on this three-and-a-half-minute protest jam, not once allowing his distressed lyrics to darken the song’s lighthearted charisma. Fans of contemporary garage heroes (or slackers) like Parquet Courts and King Tuff will undoubtedly bask in the summery sheen that the track exudes. This Is Gap Dream is out July 22 via Burger Records. Listen to the single below.


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