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New Jersey School District Officials Aren’t Feeling Fetty Wap’s ‘Wake Up’ Video

Fetty Wap‘s return to his old high school for the rapper’s new “Wake Up” video has turned into a minor headache. Paterson, New Jersey school district officials are now investigating the hometown star’s alma mater, Eastside High School, because of the video, according to

“As there are procedures that must be followed in securing the use of our facilities, whether all procedures were followed is in question and being investigated – and will be addressed as a personnel matter,” said Terry Corallo, the district’s spokeswoman. “The district does not endorse the content of this video.”

The content in question includes twerking, a woman using an apple as a bong, and boys shooting dice. The song itself, released on April 20, is also a partial ode to weed. Although the Fetty Wap dedicated the song to the graduating class, district officials still weren’t pleased.

“We have to do better than this,” said veteran school board member Errol Kerr, according to “We need to wake our children up about education, not something like this that I think is just a step over lewdness.”

Fetty Wap isn’t apologizing, though. A source close to him told TMZ that the song is actually “really a symbolic reference to getting high off success and finding your path after graduation.” It’s a shaky defense since there are multiple explicit weed references in the video. However, Fetty Wap does end the hook with “Throw your caps in the air like you know you made it,” so the source isn’t completely lying about the metaphor.

While New Jersey officials fuss over it, give the “Wake Up” video another watch below.

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