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‘Ghostbusters’ Calls on Fall Out Boy and Missy Elliott for New Title Theme

The mantle of Ray Parker Jr. is a weighty one to assume, so the producers of the upcoming Ghostbusters remake wisely split the burden between two heavy-hitting Top 40 veterans: Fall Out Boy and Missy Elliott. The former band takes on the brunt of the assignment here, twisting the classic theme into their fist-pumping stadium-pop mold, Patrick Stump yelping “I’m not afraid, not afraiiiid!”  — if the original wasn’t one of the most famous songs of the ’80s, you might not even immediately guess it was a cover. Missy plays the featured guest, doing Bobby Brown proud with her fairly literal verse (“In my closet, down the hall / I see shadows all on my wall / Man, these monsters be big and tall!”)

It’s kinda awesome, actually. We can only hope the accompanying is this stupid and fun.