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El-P Is Not Cool With Kevin Hart Producing a Movie Named ‘Run the Jewels’

The producer might be lawyering up

Yesterday afternoon, the Hollywood Reporter revealed that Kevin Hart plans to produce a new action-comedy entitled Run the Jewels. The plot, and this is no joke, will center around a “group of failed rappers who attempt to rob an eccentric hip-hop mogul.”

Run the Jewels, the acclaimed hip-hop duo, isn’t involved in the production even though the film bares their namesake. Even the supposed plot bares a rough resemblance to El-P and Killer Mike’s union: They’re not failed rappers by any means, but they’re middle-aged artists who’ve caught a second, career-defining wind.

El-P does not seem pleased, implying that legal action would be coming in a series of tweets. El-P also responded to a fan who recalled that he did tweet about wanting a Run the Jewels movie. Of course, a Kevin Hart rip wasn’t what he had in mind.