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Donald Trump Is Like a ‘Frat-House Rapist’ According to Tom Morello

Prophets of Rage — the Rage Against the Machine/Chuck D/Cypress Hill supergroup — aren’t confining their protesting to the stage. Guitarist Tom Morello recorded a short introduction to folk singer Ryan Harvey’s “Old Man Trump,” which draws from Woody Guthrie’s 1950s attack on Donald’s father Fred.

During the intro, Morello (who also appears on the song proper) doesn’t hold back his distaste for the presidential candidate: “When it comes to race relations, he’s like an old-school segregationist / When it comes to foreign policy, he’s like an old-school napalmist / When it comes to women’s issues, he’s like a frat-house rapist / So, let’s not elect that guy.” Strong words.

“Old Man Trump” was originally written in response to Fred Trump’s racist rent policies. Guthrie witnessed these methods first-hand when he signed a two-year tenancy into one of Fred’s buildings. A recording of “Old Man Trump” was never released, but one was recently unearthed by University of Lancashire professor Will Kaufman during a visit to Oklahoma’s Woody Guthrie Archives.

Per a press release, “the track was done with the approval of Woody Guthrie Publications, and proceeds go to CK Team Relief and the Baltimore Right to Housing Alliance.”

Morello and Prophets of Rage will be touring throughout this year’s election cycle. They kick off their nationwide trek on July 19. Watch Morello’s video and listen to Harvey’s “Old Man Trump” below.