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Aphex Twin Cranks It Out With ‘Cheetah EP’ Closer ‘2X202-TS5’

Update: There’s another new Aphex Twin song. This one’s called “CHEETAHT7b” and it’s below.

Aphex Twin clearly delights in turning up where he’s not expected, like the odd retro-electronics advertisement that announced the producer’s upcoming Cheetah EP. This morning, Richard D. James popped up on BBC Radio 6, where presenter Lauren Laverne debuted the EP’s burbling closing track, “2X202-TS5.”

Cheetah EP is out July 8 from Warp Records. Listen to “2X202-TS5” here at the 1:56:00 mark (the show’s featured guest is Poliça), and watch last week’s video for “CIRKLON3 [ ????????? mix ]” below.