Xiu Xiu Dismantle Pop in Spectral Rendition of ‘Just Lay Still’

Xiu Xiu don’t have to prove how well they can rework a piece of music. After 11 full-length records, frontman Jamie Stewart and his San Jose-based outfit released an entire tribute album reinterpreting the music from David Lynch’s mystery series, Twin Peaks. Though Angelo Badalamenti’s compositions and Xiu Xiu were a happy fit, they’re moving onto the next.

The band is sharing their rendition of a fresh John Congleton and the Nighty Nite track, “Just Lay Still,” off last month’s debut LP, Until the Horror Goes. Xiu Xiu turn the avant-pop song on its head, replacing purposely off-key melodies with muffled whimpers and eerie, contemplative synths.

Listen to Xiu Xiu’s cover of “Just Lay Still” here and check out the original by John Congleton and the Nighty Nite here.


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