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Wendy Bevan Seeks Salvation in ‘Sweet Dedication’

With vintage drum machines and synth aplenty, Wendy Bevan conjures moody cold wave that takes its cues from the genre’s greats. “Sweet Dedication,” the first song from a two-track EP of the same name, is our first taste of the artist’s debut, Rose and Thorn. The song finds her ethereal voice tracked atop a pulsing beat, crooning with religious fervor. “Find me salvation,” she sings, “give me some meaning / burn down the houses / where once I lay dreaming.” It’s “Personal Jesus” meets “Ghost Rider” meets “Lovesong.”

Bevan tells SPIN of her new song:

“Sweet Dedication” is a confessional song I wrote after reading the Book of Lies by Aleister Crowley. Seeped within my own broken, psychic odyssey’s and hallucinations, a theatrical landscape of shattered dreams; the song mimics the notion of madness, guilt and compulsion. Faith, Hope and Joy are a devotional representation of Babalon; all one physical manifestation of the same feminine principle. These Scarlet Women, live within all of us and metaphorically represent the female sexual impulse.’

Check out “Sweet Dedication” below, and Bevan’s forthcoming EP when it drops May 20 via Kwaidan Records and !K7 Records.