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Todd Terje Shares Cover of Yellow Magic Orchestra’s ‘Firecracker’

A tribute to an underappreciated classic

Next up on Todd Terje & the Olsens’ retro dance music playlist: “Firecracker,” a song by pioneering Japanese electronic group Yellow Magic Orchestra. The Norwegian producer has shared his new cover, which is a bit different from the 1978 original. Predictably enough, Terje & co. emphasized the beat to make the song more danceable, but they don’t lose sight of the its classical Japanese inspirations, either.

“Firecracker” is the second taste of Terje & the Olsens’ upcoming The Big Cover-Up covers EP; we’ve already played (and played and played) a ridiculously catchy cover of Boney M’s “Baby Do You Want to Bump.” The EP is out June 16 from Olsen Records.

Listen to the radio edit of Terje’s “Firecracker” below.