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Download Radiohead’s New Album ‘A Moon Shaped Pool’ Right Now

Update: A Moon Shaped Pool is also now available from Amazon’s digital music service.

Radiohead just released their new album A Moon Shaped Pool, and it’s available now directly from the band, via iTunes and Apple Music, and on Tidal. A physical release will arrive June 17.

A Moon Shaped Pool is the forward-thinking group’s first new LP since 2011’s The King of Limbs. Similar to the release of that album, the latest rollout came with only a few days’ notice. First single “Burn the Witch” came just last Tuesday, preceded by a social media blackout, Instagram trailers, and some odd flyers mailed to fans who’d previously ordered from Radiohead’s online store. On Friday, the band released a Paul Thomas Anderson-directed video for “Daydreaming” and announced that the full record — no title or track list yet provided — would appear just two days later.

Sunday is here, and so is A Moon Shaped Pool. (It popped up an hour early on Google Play, but was quickly removed.) Once again, it features cover art by longtime collaborator Stanley Donwood. Here’s hoping that A Moon Shaped Pool can stand shoulder-to-shoulder with the iconic band’s landmark albums, including 1997’s OK Computer, 2000’s Kid A, and 2007’s In Rainbows.

Downloads and pre-orders of physical records are available on Radiohead’s official website. You can also listen via iTunes/Apple Music and Tidal. Additional services are expected to offer the album soon.

Radiohead, A Moon Shaped Pool track list
1. “Burn the Witch”
2. “Daydreaming”
3. “Decks Dark”
4. “Desert Island Disk”
5. “Ful Stop”
6. “Glass Eyes”
7. “Identikit”
8. “The Numbers”
9. “Present Tense”
10. “Tinker Tailor Soldier Sailor Rich Man Poor Man Beggar Man Thief”
11. “True Love Waits”