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Möthersky Create a Dystopian Soundscape on ‘Remain In Memory’

New York based post-punk duo Möthersky describe their music— and maybe themselves, as well— as “Dystopian atmospherics,” terminology that aptly identifies their Orwellian, dissonant soundscapes. The group’s releases are wide-ranging, with 2015’s darkly ambient Our Secrets being the most recent offering. Möthersky now returns with the buzzing “Remain in Memory”, lead single from the group’s upcoming 7″, to be released this summer. The transfixing track serves as a promising — or foreboding — introduction to the work: while many of the group’s previous creations rely primarily on unhinged electronics, “Memory” heavily features vocalist Xander Hing’s spoken-word musings over jagged post-punk guitar shards and chest-pummeling bass.

Stream “Remain In Memory” below.