Crack the Tab Open on Minden’s Bubbly ‘Real Sugar’

“So many beverages to choose from / I find myself confused.” An imminently relatable struggle, and one that will only get realer in the months to come. Good to have tunes as refreshing as Minden‘s “Real Sugar” to fall back on, then. The new song from the Portland quintet’s upcoming (and almost too-aptly named) Sweet, Simple Things tussles with the dilemma of finding the appropriate, authentic soda, while the plush groove of warm bass and glowing keys out-glucoses any Coca-Cola product.

Like most quality pop songs, it could probably work as a metaphor, but it doesn’t have to in order to be enjoyed. Singer Casey Burge offers of the new cut: “‘Real Sugar’ uses soda pop trends to describe a bit of my philosophy in life. It’s a ‘sign of the times’ song. Speaking of which, we hope to license it to literally any soda company. Please send offers.”

Best of luck to ’em. Listen to the song here, and look for Sweet Simple Things on Hit City U.S.A. come August 5.


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