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LUKA’s Heart Asks ‘Why Don’t You Go To Her’

“This is a conversation between me and my heart” begins Toronto folk maestro LUKA on his new single, “Why Don’t You Go To Her.” It’s a line that would be a bit too saccharine if it weren’t for the unguarded sincerity in his voice. With plain, emotional language, LUKA rhapsodizes that universal battle between heart and mind — the one that plays out between desire and apprehension: do you “go to her,” or do you play it safe? We’ve all been there, and LUKA’s warm confessional perfectly embodies the sour cocktail of a new love’s elation and emotional honesty’s anxiety.

Listen to “Why Don’t You Go To Her” below, and check out LUKA’s forthcoming LP, Summon Up A Monkey King, when it drops June 24 via Yellow K Records.