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Jennifer Lopez Has a Country Song Now, So Music Is Henceforth Canceled

Sugarland singer and country star Jennifer Nettles is streaming her new solo album Playing With Fire via NPR and… wait, hold on. Who’s that featured on the LP’s last song? Does that say Jennifer Lopez?

Guess what: It does. “Mi casa es tu casa!” Lopez howls over twanging banjos on “My House,” the closing track and also this year’s much tonally more acceptable answer to Braid Paisley and LL Cool J’s real, actual 2013 single “Accidental Racist.”

The song finds Nettles and Lopez trading verses about how in fact, they’re really not that different. “My boy shooting deer,” the country singer croons before Lopez stomps in with the snort-worthy “A boy shooting hoops” before Nettles — you guessed it — jumps back in with a sugary, “We’re really not that different.” And that’s before Lopez sings about how she’s still Jenny from the block. Truly “what a time to be alive” has never meant more as a saying!

Hear “My House” below and try not to scratch your entire head off while you think it through.