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DJ Shadow Visits Outer Space in New Video for ‘The Mountain Will Fall’

There’s still a DJ Shadow album to look forward to after what’s been a hectic spring. The Mountain Will Fall is slated for a June 24 release, and the title track, which dropped last month, now has its own video.

The visuals interpret the serene spaciness of the song in a literal sense. Territory Studios‘ Marti Romances directs a video that focuses on an astronaut as he or she floats through outer space and into a white light.

“The peaceful and long momentum of the song inspired us to create something very unanimated and mysterious,” Romances said in a press release. “The part we like the most is where we see the astronaut being shot into hyperspace and then we see that being part of that cosmic constellation at the end.”

Those hungry for more DJ Shadow can also check out “Nobody Speak,” a less static track that features veteran rapscallions Run the Jewels. Watch the video for “The Mountain Will Fall” below.