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Ariana Grande Lets Future Love Her ‘Everyday’ on New ‘Dangerous Woman’ Cut

Ariana Grande’s maturation as a pop star has been one of the most interesting transitions to observe from the sidelines. Bursting out of the gate for her third record with the slinky “Dangerous Woman” and following it up with a string of successful, tonal-shifting singles — the xylophonic death-dropping “Be Alright,” the Lil Wayne assist on “Let Me Love You,” and Max Martin’s magnum 2016 opus, “Into You” — and today the 22-year-old singer has followed those up with “Everyday.”

“He’s giving me that good s**t / That makes me not quit,” Grande howls on the hollowed-out bridge before Future warbles his way across the aisle with a neatly measured hook. It’s the smart kind of “why yes, this is the fifth song I’ve put out from my upcoming album, why do you ask?” realness that makes Grande such a delight to follow. To take away her agency is tired; to stand back and let her continue to impress is the move.

Hear “Everyday” below and look for Dangerous Woman on May 20.