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Vampire Weekend Didn’t Appear on ‘Shrek’ Soundtrack Because Ezra Koenig ‘Refused to Capitalize on Weezer’s Misfortune’

It’s hard to believe, but Smash Mouth’s “All Star” wasn’t the only song to be featured in the Shrek film series — and it turns out that these soundtracks are serious business. Vampire Weekend frontman Ezra Koenig explained on Twitter today that his band missed out on their chance to pal around with Shrek and Donkey because they had high ethical standards.

Fellow quirky indie contemporaries Weezer were scheduled to contribute a cover of the Monkees’ hit “I’m a Believer” to the 2010 film Shrek Ever After (the fourth installment in the storied franchise), but it looked like they weren’t going to be able to make it following a bus accident. The soundtrack supervisor turned to Vampire Weekend to fill in, but Koenig declined, saying he “refused to capitalize on Weezer’s misfortune.”

Weezer were ultimately able to record the track, and Koenig made the right choice — but it was a hard choice to make indeed. “Do I sometimes regret the decision? Of course,” he tweeted. “Do I sometimes lie on Twitter and say I was on Shrek soundtracks? Yes — once.”

Read Koenig’s full story (which he confirmed to Pitchfork is true, though even then it’s on you to believe the wily frontman), and listen to a god-awful mashup of Vampire Weekend’s “Oxford Comma” and “All Star” below, because deep down you know you’re a masochist.