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Tom DeLonge Releases New Angels & Airwaves EP to Go Along With His Book About Aliens

Stream the four-song 'Chasing Shadows EP' here

Extraterrestrial enthusiast Tom DeLonge has shared a new Angels & Airwaves EP as part of his multi-pronged alien conspiracy project. The four-song Chasing Shadows EP coincides with his book of the same name about UFOs and nefarious government secrets. According to a press release, the EP and book are just the first two entries in the former Blink-182 member’s “SEKRET MACHINES” project, described as, “a transmedia series” that will feature “more music from Angels & Airwaves, fiction and non-fiction books and a documentary series.” The truth is out there, but DeLonge’s EP is here.

Chasing Shadows EP cover art