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Tegan and Sara Debut ‘Boyfriend’ on Beats 1, Earth Rejoices

Tegan and Sara have finally returned with new music after a three-year gap following the release of their career-redefining Heartthrob. Moments ago, the pop duo unleashed “Boyfriend” on Beats 1, the first we’ve heard of their forthcoming Love You to Death. A swirling, lushly synthesized confection (handclaps and a f**king killer chorus included), the single’s also a pretty fascinating lyrical exhibition for the pair. Tegan and Sara have never shied away from digging into their openly gay identities on record, but the explicit gendering of the song’s title jumps off of the basic concepts of love and friendship into a deeper exploration and dissection of heteronormativity.

“I need to know the rules if you want me to play,” the song goes on its first verse, before breaking down the distinctions between best friends, boyfriends, and everything in between. “But I don’t wanna be your / Secret anymore,” they howl before the verse kicks back in.

Hear “Boyfriend” below and start getting super excited for Love You to Death, out on June 3.