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TEEN Say ‘Love Yes’ Once More on Ecstatic Man Power Remix

Brooklyn quartet TEEN delivered one of 2016’s best alt-pop records with February’s Love Yes, a delectable mix of new-wave energy, punk confrontation, and twee infectiousness. Today, one of the set’s finest selections — the surprisingly anthemic title track — is given a classic techno makeover by producer Man Power (a.k.a. Geoff Kirkwood), who cuts virtually all the song’s lyrics aside from the questioning chorus (“Are you in love? Do you believe?”) and the breathy “Oh, YES” response.

It’s a remix that retains but re-contextualizes the sensual confusion of the original, and with its squelching synths and clanging cowbell, makes it readier for dance-floor deployment than even the most shimmying Love Yes highlights. Listen here.