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Taylor Swift Raps Drake’s Entire ‘Jumpman’ Verse for Apple Music Ad

Update: Swift has just released a second Apple Music ad, in which she mimes Jimmy Eat World’s “The Middle” but does not fall off of a treadmill. Watch that below.

What a year Apple Music’s had. In 2015, Taylor Swift famously snubbed the service, making it clear that until artists received what she deemed fair royalties from the streaming service, she’d keep 1989 and the rest of her country-pop catalogue offline. Within hours, it seemed, Apple issued their own letter apologizing to Swift — because duh, no court jesters do well to scorn the queen — and promising to fix streaming royalties and rights from the artists’ perspectives. Shortly thereafter, 1989 and the rest of the squad found their way to Apple Music.

Case closed, you’d think, but this morning, Swift went one step further than simply emailing her MP3s to the peons in Silicon Valley; no, this morning, Swift released an Apple Music advertisement in which she raps Drake’s entire first verse on the WATTBA track “Jumpman.” It is… magnificent, and it is below, and it is also Friday, and it is also April Fools’ Day but no part of this visual creation is, I think, intended to be a joke.