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Tacocat Celebrate the Singular ‘Dana Katherine Scully’ in New Video

They hate the weekend, but they love The X-Files: bubblegum pop-punk band Tacocat have a new video for “Dana Katherine Scully,” their tribute to the skeptical FBI investigator from cult ’90s TV series The X-FilesWhat does Tacocat’s modern-day Scully look like? For one thing, she’s got a laptop with an alien head where the manufacturer’s logo should be.

“I’d been watching a ton of old school X-Files around the time that we were writing the album, and I was just like, man, she’s so fascinating. She’s just so deadpan, and the only voice of reason amongst these hard-science men in these fields of law enforcement and science,” singer Emily Nokes told Rookie.

Tacocat’s newest album, Lost Time, is out today from Hardly Art. Watch “Dana Katherine Scully” below:

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