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Let’s All Get Brunch at El-P’s New Bagel Shop

UPDATE: In our carb-fueled frenzy, we did not realize that Frankel’s deli co-founder Alex Frankel is also one half of synth duo Holy Ghost! According to this tweet from the band’s label, DFA, he is fact the same Frankel.

Look, I’m sure James Murphy’s wine bar is great, but as everyone knows, it’s impossible to feel satisfied after eating a small plate. But a bagel? A bagel with cream cheese and lox? That’s practically a real meal. And Run the Jewels‘ El-P would like you to eat one, because he’s opening a deli.

The neo-vintage spot is called Frankel’s, and in reality it’s not just El-P’s deli; Grub Street reports it’s the brainchild of brothers Zach and Alex Frankel. El-P hasn’t specified his role other than saying he’s “involved” with the project, but he took to Twitter with a passionate message for bagels and the people who care about them:

The new shop opens today in Brooklyn’s Greenpoint neighborhood:

Did we mention that Queens rapper Despot is involved too? No joke:

And a few more photos of classic Jewish deli food, because what the heck, we’re hungry: