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Parquet Courts Share Reverb-Heavy ‘Human Performance’

Parquet Courts, SPIN‘s 2014 Band of the Year, are about to release their latest record, Human Performance, and so far we’ve heard songs like “Dust,” “Berlin Got Blurry,” and “Outside.” Now the Brooklyn four-piece has shared the album’s echoing title track.

“Ultimately the song is about living in the company of one’s own shame,” frontman Andrew Savage told NPR. “Perhaps it was the years spent as an altar boy that gave me an inclination toward repentance and atonement. I’ve never been a believer, but I can understand the appeal of faith, especially when it includes the promise of unconditional love and forgiveness. Human Performance is about the absence of that faith, and how haunting it is.”

Listen to “Human Performance” below, get the band’s fifth record on April 8 via Rough Trade, and tune in for their Reddit Ask Me Anything that same day at 12 p.m. EST.