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Haybaby Sow Brilliant Sludge-Rock Tension for ‘Blood Harvest’

Judging by the Brooklyn-based Haybaby’s forthcoming EP, Blood Harvest, the trio might want to try their hand at psychological thrillers. The DIY regulars play with suspense on the five-track release, due April 29 via Tiny Engines, through ever-foreboding melodies and fluctuating murmurs and howls. Following their debut full-length, 2015’s Sleepy Kids, the EP takes the group’s melodic construction two steps further, harnessing their slop-rock stylings while amplifying intensity, drawling honestly and disinterestedly, “I’ll get over it when I feel like it.”

We’re premiering Blood Harvest now, but before you give it a spin, make sure you’re prepared for the continuous build-up that will leave you wondering when the squeals and heavy riffs will hit. Listen to the EP below, pre-order it here before it drops April 29, and find the album art below.

Haybaby Sow Brilliant Sludge-Rock Tension for 'Blood Harvest'