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Get Excited for a Terrible-Sounding TV Movie Called ‘Elvis Lives!’

FILE PHOTO: President Richard Nixon meets with Elvis Presley December 21, 1970 at the White House. (Photo by National Archives)

Elvis Presley is dead — or is he? An upcoming TV movie intends to explore some conspiracy theories about the King’s life after death, and it’s probably going to be terrible. But that’s kind of the point, as Elvis Lives! is being made by Asylum, the same studio that made Sharknado and the recent SyFy Channel movie were members of ‘NSYNC, Backstreet Boys, and other ’90s boy bands fight zombies in the wild west. Unlike those acclaimed movies, however, Elvis Lives! will air on AXS TV, the new network founded by Mark Cuban (the business mogul has crossed paths with Asylum before, having played the president in Sharknado 3).

“With Elvis Lives! we intend to do for the life of Elvis Presley what Sharknado did for flying sharks,” Asylum’s president David Rimawi said, according to Deadline. At press time, no premiere date had yet been announced.