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Nicki Minaj Steals the Spotlight in Bebe Rexha’s ‘No Broken Hearts’ Video

“Hey Mama” singer and the only good part of G-Eazy’s weirdly successful single “Me, Myself & I” Bebe Rexha just released a color-splashed new music video for her solo single “No Broken Hearts.” The track features Nicki Minaj, who, of course, shows up in the video’s final minute and steals the entire thing out from under the (very capable, seems to be having a huge blast and it shows) Rexha’s feet. It’s the kind of music video that also makes its core song — an unquestionably pretty generic pop tune — a couple notches better, which is often a hard feat. “Ayo Bebe / Anybody hatin’ need peepee” still clocks as one of the year’s best rap lyrics to date though. Watch below.