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Composer Zach Cooper Meshes His Past and Present in ‘The Sentence’

If you could compare the creation of Boyhood to a record, it would be Zach Cooper’s The Sentence. The North Carolina-based composer shares his life story — or at least his musical life — in his debut album, available March 18 through Styles Upon Styles. Cooper fuses high school demos and solo compositions, guiding the listener through his earlier years in New York to his University of Vermont experiences, where he studied music theory and composition. The experimental composer also invited Steve Klimowski and Bonnie Thurber-Klimowski of the Vermont Contemporary Music Ensemble to contribute to the LP, along with Reverend Kiah Abendroth, who recorded their additions in a chapel in Vermont.

The Sentence’s 12 tracks spell out a message: “This is for us to incite stillness in our hearts and minds.” Each song is a different word from the sentence and Cooper recently released videos for “Us” and “Minds.” Though the mood changes as the album progresses, moving between avant-garde chaos and meditative ambiance, the record remains experimental at its core. Of The Sentence, Cooper said, “I hold the music of The Sentence very dear to my h(ear)t. It carries the sounds and love of friends, mentors, ancestors and Spirit. I hope that listeners can feel the love and stillness born into this music and open their h(ear)ts to it.”

Listen to The Sentence below and pre-order the album here.

Find the album art and Cooper’s tour dates below.

Composer Zach Cooper Meshes His Past and Present in 'The Sentence'

Zach Cooper tour dates:
March 9 — Asheville, NC @ PULP with The Sentence Ensemble and L!ve Garbage
March 17 — Queens, NY @ Trans-Pecos with The Sentence Ensemble and Noveller
March 25 — St. Petersburg, FL @ The Venture Compound with Infinite Third — The Pangaea Project
April 1 — Black Mountain, NC @ 108 Sutton Ave. Gallery with Space People