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Crawl Into the Endless Dusk of Wolvserpent’s 40-Minute ‘Aporia:Kala:Ananta’

EPs may usually serve as wheel-spinning stopgaps for bands between their LPs proper, but no one could possibly accuse doom duo Wolvserpent of just killing time with their latest-mini album. Aporia:Kala:Ananta is about as consuming a metal release as we’ve had so far in 2016, a 40-minute, single-track journey that begins with six minutes of shrouded, Sarah Neufeld-like violin ambiance before any kind of rhythm kicks in, and builds and falls with classical patience and elegance for the next half-hour. It peaks with a tidal wave of strings and guitars — and also maybe the sounds of an actual tidal wave — before rolling on into the ether.

Listen here, and look for the Aporia:Kala:Ananta EP out now on Relapse Records.