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Unknown Mortal Orchestra Frontman Makes Dumb Caitlyn Jenner Joke on Twitter, Apologizes

Ruban Nielson of UMO: "Im not transphobic just stupid"

Ruban Nielson of psychedelic-indie standard-bearers Unknown Mortal Orchestra underwent a teachable moment last night when, (understandably) frustrated with Caitlyn Jenner’s LGBTQ-unfriendly politics, Nielson made the mistake of mockingly tweeting at her and calling her Bruce.

This practice is known as “deadnaming,” misgendering a transgender person and calling them by their former name as an attempt to demean them. It’s like making fun of Chris Christie’s weight because you disagree with his policies. After a swift, negative reaction from Twitter and Nielson responding “im a dumbass” to one commentor, the musician tried to explain himself and was reluctant to admit stepping over the line:

Finally, Nielson paused and wrote out an actual, sincere-sounding apology and explanation.

But not before the pièce de résistance: