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Bob to the Subversive Beats on Thug Entrancer’s Mesmerizing ‘Arcology’

“If you add a beat to something, people will be much more open to all the other weird s**t you sneak in there,” Ryan McRyhew, a.k.a. Thug Entrancer, told THUMP last year. “I love how subversive rhythm can be.” The Denver-based sound collider was speaking in reference to his last album, the boldly kinetic Death After Life, but the same ethos holds true for its freewheeling follow-up, Arcology.

McRyhew’s second release for Oneohtrix Point Never‘s Brooklyn-based label Software Recording Co. is very much in the spirit of Daniel Lopatin’s technological exegeses, but its 14 tracks are arguably a bit more accessible. Acidic melodies twitch like minute muscle movements while empty background space is filled in with the sound of gravel tumbling into the abyss, leading the body into movement via stimulation of the brain. Listen here, find the album art below, and watch out for Arcology when it arrives this Friday, March 4.