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They Might Be Giants’ New Surprise Album, ‘Phone Power,’ Is Available Now

They Might Be Giants' Phone Power

The only artist who releases music at a freakier clip than They Might Be Giants is Future, though Brooklyn’s finest don’t need any performance-enhancing cocktails. The experimental-pop duo released two collections, Glean and Why? last year, and should really just offer their fans a subscription service that delivers new albums quarterly or something, or a start a They Might Be Giants Disc of the Month Club (both ideas that don’t seem like a stretch for the brains behind Dial-a-Song).

In any case, today they’ve surprise-released another album, Phone Power, which you can obtain here for different pay options, including pay-what-you-like ($0), pay-what-we-like ($9), a bundle that includes a livestream and 17 videos ($15), and the deluxe edition (“plus A REAL CD”) for $20 along with shipping. The album contains such on-brand titles as “Sold My Mind to the Kremlin” and “I Love You for Psychological Reasons,” as well as a cover of “Bills, Bills, Bills” by, yes, Destiny’s Child, that they debuted on tour.