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Tenement Debut Equally Crunchy and Sticky ‘The Block Is Safe Again’


Last year, Wisconsin trio Tenement (one of SPIN‘s 50 Best Rock Bands Right Now) proved that surging, distorted rock with a hint of guitar chime  i.e. Foo Fighters or anything Bob Mould has ever done  is alive and well on their 78-minute, 25-song sprawl Predatory Highlights. Not all 20-something punks develop a flair for crafty power-pop as they wind down into adulthood, but these guys have, and make it sound easy.

The tambourine-pounding “The Block Is Safe Again,” from the upcoming singles comp Bruised Music Vol.2 (out April 8 on Grave Mistake Records) is one of their catchiest tunes to date, as well-suited for Fountains of Wayne as it is Chumped. They’ve got the exultant stop-start riff, streamlined chorus harmonies, and jammed-suitcase chord changes down to a science by now and all inside of 77 seconds. Listen to the tune below, maybe a few times on repeat so you get your hum reflex’s worth.

You can pre-order Bruised Music Vol. 2 from Grave Mistake and Toxic Pop now.